"take a deep breath ... it calms the mind"

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

piccadilly circus and circles ... WOW!!

it's been like Piccadilly Circus here this week
with work starting on a new bathroom, holes being drilled through walls
dust everywhere ... and family staying
so little time that I have only one double page spread to share this week

these are waxed collages that I made a few weeks ago
stitched to white vintage cotton linen and stuck to my book
I chose these ones because they have circles or parts of circles
including the tea cake wrappers I like to use

the prompt being to ... fill this page with circles

so I cut circles and round shapes and then printed more circles on top

using a stencil and printing with a blister pack ...

after printing with the blister pack ...
I was left with these adorable coloured bubble bits
so I cut round some of them and glued them on top of my page
you can see them in relief on my page ...

I'm not sure this page is completely finished yet ...
there are some areas I may gesso over and work on some more ...
I guess I'm being far too fussy ... but that's the beauty of art
knowing when to stop is a very personal thing
talking of which ...
I wasn't completely happy with the scribbled page from last week either
so I've started to doodle London words within the scribble bubbles
still in progress ...

apart from this page unfinished and the circles page still to work into
I must also mention that I skipped a double spread deliberately
because it's a prompt that I would like to do when I go to London next
yes ... London is booked for some time in March and I can't wait to go!
and I will sit on the top of a London bus and draw lines while it's moving

and other things (theatre and restaurant) are already booked to look forward to
so ... will share more next week and now it's time to visit the pages
of my wrecking friends and other friends taking part in non journal activities
thank you for visiting today

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

torn scribbles and layers - WOW!!

it was nice to use some different colours in the journal this week
and the prompts were messier than in previous posts
I'm working in, and sharing, the pages in the order they appear in the journal
but, up to now, the prompts haven't been all that "wreckful"
this week they are ...
  1. do some rubbings with a pencil
  2. scribble wildly, violently, with wreckless abandon
  3. tear strips ... rip it up; and
  4. glue, staple or tape these pages together

I always collage the pages before following the prompts
these have a Paris theme rather than a London theme

for the first prompt of "rubbings with a pencil" I used a floral stencil

the rubbings came out quite pretty, but too faint
so I stencilled over the top with the pencil ... so quite pleased with these patterns

next prompt ... to scribble
my background is collaged and spread with copper shimmer acrylics
then I scribbled, of course, but it was very hard to "wreck" this page
so I found the only way was to close my eyes and scribble wildly with my left hand
but job done ...

scribbling on the torn page

torn strips and scribbles

the next couple of pages are two prompts in one challenge
to tear the pages into strips and then to glue some pages together

here ... playing with shimmering acrylics applied with a palette knife

strips torn and pages ripped

then pages glued together

and lines drawn in with black artist pen

it created some nice textures
colours used ... silver, light grey, paynes grey, copper shimmer and burnt umber

I enjoyed the journal this week ... it's definitely coming along
thank you for reading today

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

lots of love ... WOW!!

love love love ... love is all you need
then life is good!

this post should carry a health warning ... lots of pinky red ahead!
continuing on with my wreck this journal project
I completed a few challenges this week on top of my collaged pages
this week ... naturally ... the theme is love and friendship
with an extra dose of valentine red

on the left I'd already collaged the page and then chose to glue in a card
from my very dear friend Karen (with whom I am doing this wrecking project)
I love the umbel seed head shape Karen created on the front and
inside Karen had added a tag with a stamped love heart and a secret message

the challenge on the opposite side was to
"press leaves and other found things"
so I stuck in a pressed leaf and some skeleton petals from a hydrangea

pretty skeleton petals

the next challenge was to "scratch using a sharp object"
so these marks were made with scissors
and I made a nice "scratch texture" to use in photo play
which I will post on flickr some time (free to download and use)

the next challenge is to ...

write one word ... over and over

so the word is ... LOVE LOVE LOVE
inspired by The Beatles song  "all you need is love"
because my journal is about my London trip in 2013
and on Valentine's Day my man took me to Carluccio's in Covent Garden
and afterwards to see "Let It Be" at The Savoy Theatre
I took lots of photos for my journal ... I'm still sorting them out
but needless to say we had a FAB and GROOVY time
all loved up!!

on the pages I printed the word LOVE all over
with a hand made stencil and some madder acrylic (it's my favourite)
and added this little art tag that I made for Tag Tuesday
which, this week, has the theme of Valentines

underneath, you can make out a brown envelope printed with love
on which I stuck the vintage sheet music "head over heels ... in love"
which came out of one of my erosion bundles from years ago
I'm pleased to say ... it all gets used eventually! 

the envelope came from my very dear friend Caterina Giglio
with this beautiful vintage valentine "many joys"

and inside the card ... was this most beautiful and sweet heart
made from the softest vintage linen and lace with tiny, tiny embroidered roses
sweetly scented with lavender which is heavenly each time I open my journal
thank you so much dear Cat ... you can visit Caterina's beautiful blog  here
so lovely for valentine's day

the back pages are collaged and I've added a stitched heart on woollen blanket
from friend Claire Smith ... it's lovely to have my friends' work in my journal this week ♥

opposite page ... a very FUN challenge
"tie a string to the spine of this book and
SWING WILDLY ... let it hit the walls"
my book will be at The Crow Show in November 2015
I shall swing my book wildly ...
and you will get the chance to "wreck" my book too
I hope you can come along and be destructive in my book
I would love for YOU to be a part of my journal project
The Crow Show, St. Ives Art Club, Westcotts Quay, St. Ives, Cornwall
31 October - 15 November 2015

and finally ... there were home made buns for tea
teddy is very pleased about that!
(I'd better make sure he doesn't eat too many this week!!)

have a good rest of the week and see you here next week
for Wreck on Wednesday (WOW!!)
now off to see Karen's journal  ♥

Thursday, 5 February 2015

WOT (Wreck on Thursday) happened?

left ... right ... left ... right ....

London conjures up so many iconic images in the mind
of soldiers and pomp, tradition and history

I had so much fun in my journal this week ... inspired by teddy
teddy dresses up in his favourite soldier uniform
what a smart bear he is ... march one step forward
the challenge on these pages is for "handprints and finger prints"
get them dirty then press down
black finger prints look a bit like a soldier's busby

so I made lots of messy black fingerprints and mono prints with gild
gosh I am so into gilding flakes at the moment ...

the colours in the mono prints (red black and gold) were inspired by
a kitty sticker which arrived on a parcel from Kirsty Elson

you can see that the kitty sticker is finger print shaped
and I love the colours in this mono print
which I printed over the top of the other mono print

the challenge for this double spread is "colour this entire page"

the page on the left is covered with paper I tea dyed and painted with madder and gold
then, once dried, I printed a recipe for angel biscuits on top
teddy feels hungry so he spends all day in the kitchen making
cakes, buns, jellies and a big apple pie
quite appropriate this week as I have the electrician, plasterer
and painter|decorator still working in the house ...
it's all coming along just lovely and I've been making lots of home make cakes
Victoria sandwich, lemon cake and chocolate cake with chocolate stars

Gina Ferrari would be proud of me ;o)

no buns though!

these are teddy's favourite sticky buns
painted ones on a collaged page ... with huge glace cherries on top
decorated with a soldier

this double spread is about making mess
"throw something"
a pencil ... a ball dipped in paint
I liked the idea of throwing paint ...
(so ...paint thrown and page closed to make squelchy patterns)

meanwhile ...
teddy ate too many of his favourite buns and is sent to bed feeling poorly
miss your next turn ... which reminded me of the underground
and how easy it is to fall asleep and miss your station

I got some lovely gooey sticky splodgy squidgy paint marks
a little like finger print markings ...

this is such a fun light hearted project ...

see the little dart mark (from a sewing pattern)
I played with the image ... with soft focus and textures
the marks are finger print shaped

[artistic licence is encouraged]
thank you for visiting to see this week's pages in my journal
I'm very much looking forward to next week's posting
which will include some very special personal hearts for valentine's day
I hope to be back to posting on Wednesday next week (WOW)
I've had such a busy week I ran out of steam yesterday ... x