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14 February 2014

sweet hearts

happy valentines day to you all ♥

10 February 2014

love tokens

be my valentine


a collection of beautiful love tokens
I'm looking forward to love day on Friday
and I've been stitching many new love hearts
for my shop update tomorrow ♥

3 February 2014

on that winter day

  today I am remembering some happy time spent at Mousehole
for two very special winter days in December

it's relevant to mention my quiet time there because it not only
restored my balance and peace of mind at, what will always be, a difficult time of year
but it influenced my work for most of January as you will see ...
most years, my hubby and I like to go over to picturesque Mousehole to see the lights
but in 2013 it was an extra special time as we stayed overnight at The Ship Inn
which is a very old, quaint inn right on the harbour front

it gave us so much more time to relax and enjoy the moment
we began right away by sampling the mulled wine in the bar ...

"few things are more pleasing than a Cornish harbour graced with a good pub"
the tree and all the lights were so pretty
and the mulled wine made me quite merry ... even merrier than usual ... ha!!

so we had a little walk in the fresh air ... while we waited for it to get dark
we shared a bag of chips and peered through the windows of cosy shops and galleries

which were full of delightful Cornish goodies
and then ... as it got duskier

one by one ... the lights in the little village began to come on

  and before long it was proper dark

as you can see ... it was the 50th anniversary of the Mousehole lights

we walked all around the harbour and to the end of the pier
where it was incredibly blustery on the seaward side
we watched the huge waves for quite a long while until it felt bitterly cold on our faces

so it was back to The Ship Inn for a lovely meal in the restaurant ... and a warm cosy bed

the next morning ...

the sun was out ... but it was a weak winter sun


shimmering on the sea

and over the harbour and the village

we walked on the beach
and found sea glazed pottery and silver grey shells

winter shells

and ever since that grey winter day in Mousehole
my work and my hearts have been inspired by those winter shells
and the windy, stormy weather we have had over the past few weeks

Mousehole harbour in a jar

this is one of the shells that I found

on that winter day

how I loved stitching this one and now this little piece of Cornwall is
on it's way to a lovely lady thousands of miles away

and here we are ... it's now February
and not a snowflake in sight
just the occasional sleety shower and sometimes hailstones

so I've created my own snowy textures with melted chiffons and glittery fabrics

it's the beauty of snow that I love ... the pristine whiteness of the landscape
the quietness of falling snow ... the whisper ... the silence
the perfection of each snowflake

and this one too is off to a new home ... 

February often brings the snow
there is still the hope of it and I'm ready now ... I'm waiting!
my new pair of winter red wellies are customised ...
so let it snow ... one day soon ... before spring please

for the rest of today I will be wrapping shop parcels
finishing off some custom orders
 and stitching the final touches to this new stormy heart I am working on ...

and thinking about new hearts for Valentines Day
in my shop on Friday 7th February

hope to see you there and many thanks for reading (always) x

13 January 2014

snow on snow

a rattle of hailstones on the window pane
it's certainly cold enough to snow ...

I must get some new wellies just in case ...

7 January 2014

wintry beginnings

time to begin again perhaps
and time for some new hearts with a wintry feel to them

a wintry white one called "snowfall" and
a silvery grey icy one called "on that winter day"

we haven't had any snow yet ... we rarely do in this part of Cornwall
but we have had everything else thrown at us this past week
several nights of disturbed sleep through waking to thunder/lightning storms
or to the heavy rat tat tat of hailstones on the windows
and "wuthering" winds

we've had some minor flooding down in the harbour
with heavy winds lifting the swell of the high spring tides over the harbour walls
and elsewhere ... the high spring tides and winds have caused much devastation
along Cornwall's coastlines and other coastal areas all around
hope everyone stays safe

personally, being on higher ground, our main concern has been for
our poor old tree at the bottom of the garden ... taking the brunt of the winds
and (for now) I am content to stay home, keep cosy and sew ...

these hearts will be available from my etsy shop quite soon
(thank you always for reading ♥)

31 December 2013

wishes for a happier new year

December the thirty first ... 
and time to wish you all many blessings and best wishes for 2014

thank you all for your kindness, support, friendship, comments and for following along here on my blog
and on my facebook page and my other online places (flickr, twitter and my other blog)

I am sending you blessings and best wishes for a very happy 2014
I wish you all good health (for without it we cannot truly enjoy life)
and personal happiness and peace of mind (so necessary to help us cope with the pace of life these days)

in 2014 I hope that I can be more creative whilst also simplifying and slowing down the pace of life.

I'm back in the studio already and feeling so much better for being able to create again

above, I am gathering finds for a still life piece ...

silvery shells from Mousehole with vintage buttons and recycled charms ...
I fashioned an ornament from these lovely reminders
and used the pieces in some jar photos to wind up the project

I am optimistic for 2014 ... and hope I can move on from some of the difficult events of the past year,
so many bereavements and close ones lost that it's been hard to bear at times ...
but we have to hope we can carry on and enjoy the things in life to come

thank you all for reading and following along ... much love xx

1 November 2013


 a mother's song
a new textile piece that I loved creating inspired by childhood memories of learning to sew. I hope you may like it. It's called "a mother's song" and features waxed papers and a vintage photo with buttons, poppers and hooks and eyes in what I think of as "Victorian" tones of dark blush pink, aubergine, burgundy and black

I now have the dates when Jo and I will be attending the show which is open from 10.30 till 4.30 pm each day including Sundays.  We very much look forward to meeting you and sharing our work

SUNDAY 3 - Carolyn and Jo, MONDAY 4 - Carolyn and Jo ,TUESDAY 5 - Carolyn
WEDNESDAY 6 - Carolyn, THURSDAY 7 - Jo, FRIDAY 8 - Jo
SATURDAY 9 - Carolyn, SUNDAY 10 - Jo, MONDAY 11 - Carolyn and Jo
TUESDAY 12 - Jo, WEDNESDAY 13 - Carolyn, THURSDAY 14 - Carolyn
FRIDAY 15 - Jo, SATURDAY 16 - Carolyn and Jo - show ends 4.30pm

St. Ives Arts Club, Westcotts Quay/The Warren
St. Ives, Cornwall, TR26 2DY

show runs from 3-16 November 2013
daily from 10.30 till 4.30

it would be lovely to see you!