Wednesday, 28 January 2015

music and memories ... WOW!!

my journal pages this week are inspired by memories of
going to see Phantom of the Opera in London
the day before Valentine's Day in 2013

my first page is an image I like from the programme
it's how the opera starts out ...
with Viscount Raoul de Chagny being taken by his nurse
to the auction of memorabilia on the stage of the Paris Opera House
music and memories can be so powerful ...
my journal, though playful, will be filled with memories of London

my first challenge this week is to "poke holes through the page with a pencil"

so here we are ... holes poked and pushed through to the other side ...

I glued down the little flaps on this side, painted circles round the holes
and then cut round them to give the page some shape

I cut the page at the bottom too ... monoprinted and added words
from the song "Wishing you were somehow here again"
words so poignantly painful when I'd just lost my Dad a month before ...

my gorgeous hubby took me to London to cheer me up
after sorting out Dad's arrangements and his memorial

as you can imagine, we had a most wonderful time
though there were also some very sad moments that took my breath away

when I was painting this page I added gilding flakes which I burnished into the paint

some of the paint passed through the holes onto the page with Viscount Raoul and his nurse

"draw fat lines and thin ... pushing really hard with the pencil"
before drawing ... I added some bunting cut from a magazine
then added some bunting triangles printed with lace
and I glued in the image at the bottom ...
of the girl looking up in amazement at my "circles and holes" ;o)

I drew pencil lines, fat and thin, around the girl
as the journal is already bulging it was hard to draw straight lines
I like this!
at the bottom of the page I stuck in my theatre ticket

and I glued our "interval drinks order" on the back of the ticket
with the Phantom's mask


yes, Mo, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh did resemble the Phantom last week (lol)

I also made an art tag of the Phantom to go with these pages ...
but forgot to take a photo of it (will add it here tomorrow)

(update ... here's the tag ...)

that's all this week ... to make up for last week being such a marathon post
please visit my friend Karen MISSY K for more wrecking joy

---------- ♥ ----------

I've got the decorator, plasterer and electrician in the house this week
utter chaos and furniture upheaval .. but needs must

I've been hiding in my studio all day pulling prints off the gelli plate
also stitching allotments
and preparing a mixed media tutorial on my textile blog

---------- ♥ ----------
thank you for reading and for all comments
and to all those who are "non reply at blogger"
with love and best wishes x

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

a double helping of WOW !!

well ... I just never saw that coming ...
I started with flu on Saturday 10th January
I must have caught a chill on that foggy day in St. Just
I had to cancel so many lovely things I'd had arranged for the week
it's been so frustrating ... just as I'm getting going again
never mind ... these things happen!
this week I have a double helping of Wreck this Journal
to make up for missing last week's posting
(an image heavy post)
this is one of the "instructions" pages ...
I said to my Mum ...
"there's always so much to do and not enough time"
she got quite cross with me and told me I'd got all the time in the world
I think she misunderstood me ... I wasn't getting maudlin ..
but after a year of not being able to do much creatively
I am bursting at the seams with ideas and enthusiasm for my projects
so that is why I'm not that keen on "instructions" really
however instructions are open to interpretation
but still I may say "no" sometimes ...
1.  carry this with you everywhere you go - I will take it most places
2.  follow the instructions on every page - I will try
3.  order is not important - good one!
4.  instructions are open to interpretation - that's freeing
5.  experiment (work against your better judgement) - I like this!
as you can see I had a bloomin' lovely time playing in my book this week
flowers with imaginary blooms:
Tunnocks tea cake centre; crochet flower from an erosion bundle
roses cut from washi tape and a stamped heart from my friend MISSY K
the "materials" page:
monoprint with acrylics and felt pen and other "blooms"
suggested materials:
white things, office supplies, wax, found objects
ideas, gum, glue, dirt, saliva (yuk!) water and weather
plans, pencil, sticky things, sticks, spoons, comb
twist ties, lick, paint, grass, detergent, grease, tears, crayons
scissors, happenstance, gumption etc. ... you get the idea!
add your own page numbers ... starting here
page 63B ... I consider needs some more work
it's a bit "flat" | unfinished
I will revisit this page later
but this is one of my favourite pages so far ...
"crack the spine"
I  printed with lace using my favourite madder paint ...

and added one of my London collages at the bottom ...
and as for "cracking the spine" ... it's coming along nicely
but I'm saying "no" to leaving this page blank ...
because teddy won first prize in a gardening competition for his "blooms"
in spite of all the rain | sleet | hailstones we've had this week
in fact it's been quite stormy (with a massive lightning storm one night)

I digress ...
places I love to be ...
St. Ives
beside the seaside
it does rain a lot
so I put on my red wellies to stand on the journal ...
it was raining at the time ... so I did get some marks
back indoors ...
I made London crowns for the bears
and this page also includes a crown from another small London collage
which is very pink!
my last page this week is "pour, spill, drip, spit or fling your coffee here
except ... I mostly drink tea
I dripped tea ...
accidentally over HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on my page
so there we are ... you can see I had fun with the journal
more next week ... not quite so much perhaps
there is "all the time in the world" to share it
hope you enjoyed my pages
and thank you for visiting xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WOW !!

welcome to Love Stitching Red
and to my newest project that I will be sharing here every Wednesday

my friend Karen and I are working in our "Wreck This Journal" books

I've had my book for quite a while
and I've been collaging the pages the last couple of years
following a trip to London with my hubby in February 2013

it has an English "red white and blue" ... sort of "London memories" theme
but there are other random things throughout ...

starting with the very first page "to create is to destroy"
I added a banner of union jack flags
and collaged with some lovely "be a good teddy bear" paper

on top of a union jack napkin I added a skeleton leaf from a previous erosion bundle
the leaf has silk fibres adhered to it ... this happened in the erosion process of the bundle
and the sewing paper has some nice rust marks

a double spread

the page on the left has another piece from the erosion bundle from 2011
fabrics, papers, silk fibres and red cellophane all adhered to each other
the image of a Christmas bauble was naturally stuck to the rusted paper behind
I couldn't prise it apart ... but I like it "just as it is" ... so I added the word

the background page is whitened with gesso


you will get dirty


a "red white and blue" ad for robocop made it on to page 3
I love the super hero movies

you may get dirty ... working in Wreck this Journal
but grime has a new enemy

overprinted with acrylics and bubble wrap

Wreck this Journal is ...
dedicated to perfectionists all over the world

trying to free up and not be so fussy ... but it's hard to let go

I added more union jacks and put the book through the sewing machine

another double spread

I want this book to be an adventure
and I want to have lots of fun mixing up the collage elements

I want to have fun on Love Stitching Red this year ...

this book belongs to Carolyn Saxby
the page on the right was about adding your name

the blue hearts washi tape was carefully peeled off a parcel from Twinkletoes Mo
"suffice to say it's good. really good"

above that ... a very fragile piece from the erosion bundle of 2011
sometimes pieces just cannot be teased apart
they become a little work of art in their own right

I like loose fragments

the background paper is an old London A to Z
the silk fibres and canvas holding the fragile piece together

I added hand stitches in royal blue

these are the first five pages of the book ... 
they didn't really have many instructions to follow
but help by way of introduction

it's an indulgent project ... the book itself being the end product
I just want to have fun with it ...

if you want to play Wreck this Journal
feel free to join in and share on your blog
Karen and I will "wreck on wednesday" all this year

WOW !!
Karen explains it better than me and
you can see her pages on her blog MISSY K