Saturday, 16 May 2015

all being well ...

so sorry to have missed Wednesday's dollop of wreck this journal
I had no internet for over a week ... happily all sorted now
so I shall be back on Wednesday as usual, all being well

happy weekend to all my online friends ♥

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

style that rocks ... WOW !!

this week I'm sharing that I mailed the journal to myself

"tape this journal closed and mail it to yourself"

I did this ... wrapped masking tape all around it and sent it back to myself at my cottage

it came back next day ... but obviously I have covered over my address with that lovely little flowery snippet and also covered over the original stamp with a lovely one of Eric Morcambe ...
this was actually some time ago before the book was bulging like it is now
yes, that is Paul McCartney's head popping out of the book
he sticks out a little more than the other Beatles for some reason (my fave Beatle!)
they are waxy pop outs ... the toppermost of the poppermost!
the Beatles are in my wreck this journal
because I went to see "Let It Be" in London in February 2013
I collaged the real Beatles heads onto the Let It Be programme
and this prompt is about getting messy ...
"make a mess ... clean it up"
so I "splodged" paint on one side and closed the journal to "share" the paint
and that's another little waxed Beatles collage
you can see John's popping out a bit more now ...
and the date "Monday 23 March 2015" refers to something else ...
the night I went to see The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon" at Leicester Square
"they seek him here ... they seek him there ...
in Regent Street and Leicester Square ..."

and now I'm playing ...
(the Beatles on a stripey zebra crossing which is actually a colourful Carluccio's menu)
"style that rocks"
 and this is a fun little waxy red white and blue collage that I made
I call it "style that rocks"
and now I am off to see what my wrecking and anti journal friends have been up to this week
thank you for visiting my whimsical weekly Wednesday project
"Wreck this Journal" ... wrecking on Wednesday ... WOW ... a project with Karen and Mo

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

walkies .... WOW !!

quite a long time ago my "wreck this journal" journal started out looking something like this
a little worn around the edges where I'd thrown it down the garden a few times
and very slightly doodled on ...

with page edges covered in words relating to "red white and blue"
which was one of the first challenges I did (I hated doing that to my lovely book!)
and on a very soggy day ...

my sister helped me out with another challenge to take the book for "walkies"
so we tied it up with string and I photographed her pulling the book along
to rough up the edges ... I definitely didn't care then!
she dragged it from my cottage door and down the garden path
down the soggy granite steps and across the lane with grass growing down the middle
and quite a long way up the road to the school
we had a few funny looks and a lovely couple wondered "shouldn't it have legs!"
then we had another idea ...
we tied the journal to the back of her car and she drove up the road while I filmed ...
(click on the arrow ... I hope the little video works ok!)


ha ha ... more funny looks !!

and we had the makings of a rather soggy "wrecked" journal
 "Wreck this Journal" ... wrecking on Wednesday ... WOW ... a project with Karen and Mo
thanks so much for visiting my "mad" project

I don't know if you ever look at your blog stats ... I rarely ever do
but yesterday I had to laugh when I took the first "peek" at them in years
I looked to see what google searches take people to my blog
and one of them was "mad textile artist" ... so I guess that just sums me up!

bye for now!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

office supplies ... WOW !!

"cover this page using only office supplies"

 corrugated cardboard, envelopes, washi tape, sketchbook label, sellotape,
brown tape printed with "handle carefully", brown paper, paper clips, stamps and text

white envelope, stationery tissue paper, paper clip, staples, brown parcel tape, brown envelopes, sellotape from a jiffy bag, map, rusted safety pins from my erosion bundle and a recycle message

"Wreck this Journal" ... wrecking on Wednesday ... WOW ... a project with Karen and Mo

that's all this week ... thank you always for visiting ♥

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

wrap this page and eat coloured candy ... WOW !!

one day last week I opened my very soggy erosion bundle
which had been at the bottom of the garden since 1st January
after popping on a pair of latex gloves I set about
carefully peeling apart the layers of fabric and paper
there were no insects inside at all, I'm pleased to report
and only a couple of little centipede thingies which were on the outside
(most probably from the bottom of the orange box)
I was pleased with the vintage images ...

these are photocopies ... not originals
which I printed onto copier paper so that the inks ran
for an interesting look with the rust and adhered sewing papers

I think these will look great waxed or in encaustic art work
the wax will bring out the soft tones and make the images translucent

quite a few nice ones to play with ... 

after peeling apart all the layers ...
I spread the papers all around to dry out naturally

some papers stuck together in a manner that I loved so much
I carefully dried them like this
this red dye came from a cellophane sweet wrapper
the St. Johns Wort berries and stems were still intact and interesting
so I dried them and put them to one side
the outer cotton fabrics and other fabric/textile pieces I popped inside
were rinsed off under the cold tap and then put through my washing machine
I left them on radiators to dry off over night
(some of them may need ironing ... other bits are more interesting scrunched)
so all in all ... I have a nice pile of stuff for collage with next to no effort!

now back to my WOW journal ...

I wrapped something with this page ... like this ...

it was a fluffy ball of paper ... another page from the journal
which has been through my washing machine in the pocket of a pair of jeans

tied with blue cotton ...

I punched a couple of little holes so that when the book is finished
I can tie the little parcel inside the book ... but for now that would make it unmanageable

I have also eaten some colourful sweets and licked the page ... more yuk!!

can you guess what they are?
{blueberry bon bons}
on this page I've applied texture paste and worked into it with acrylics
in shimmering interference pearl
and copper umber and paynes grey
and ... hopefully that's all with the food related challenges in this journal now
thank you for your interest in my journal project
it's just a little light hearted distraction every Wednesday
as I'm so busy with my textile work for my upcoming shows in the autumn
many thanks always ♥
"Wreck this Journal" ... a project with Karen and Mo

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

wreck this journal goes to London ... WOW !!

yes ... I'm very naughty !
I bunked off on holiday and I've missed two weeks of journal !
wreck this journal went to London ...

here ... my hubby kindly helped me pose my journal with some iconic landmarks
Big Ben and the London Eye ... while on our river trip

Big Ben and Parliament

the London Eye

the book is now bulging with collaged pages
and I managed to glue in all my souvenirs while I was away

we had the most wonderful time running round Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Chinatown,
Strand, Whitehall, the Embankment and a trip on the river up to Tower Bridge.
We went to Trafalgar Square, Admiralty Arch and to see the exhibition
of Lord Snowdon's photography at The National Portrait Gallery.

following on from my last post, I was particularly interested to see Lord Snowdon's portrait
of Barbara Hepworth at work in her studio and also that of Dame Maggie Smith reading a script
and rehearsing for a part.  I asked Mr. Love Stitching Red if he recognised her from one of our
most favourite TV programmes ... and he was very surprised when I told him who she was !!

the future Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey

we went for drinks in one of the oldest pubs in London ... the Salisbury
had dinner at Antonio Carluccio's place in Covent Garden
and went to see Suite Francaise at The Empire Leicester Square.  We also went to see
Sunny Afternoon ... the story of The Kinks at The Harold Pinter Theatre
and had a lovely Chinese meal in Chinatown ... it was all wonderful ...
I've been to London loads of times and seen most of the "sights"
but this time it was nice to be staying in the real heart of London
at Covent Garden in St. Martin's Lane and be so close to everything ...
horse guards
the Tower of London
 yes ... for just a few days we swapped seagulls for pigeons ...

the waterfalls at Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square
Tower Bridge
and while I was running around on the tube ... I drew "lines while in motion"
(and nobody batted an eyelid !)
underground posters ... waiting for the tube
this is the page before doodling ...

 (but I forgot to take a photo of the page after doodling ... will add it here tomorrow!)

anyway ... just before I went away I "composted this page"

I dipped the page in wax, before scrunching it up ...

and placed it in a most interesting box that I found at the bottom of the garden
it was an old fashioned orange box lined with assorted papers
they've obviously been there a long while ... and were very soggy ...
there were some amazing colours at the bottom of the box
I hope I can salvage some scraps to use in collage
underneath the blue fragments ... there were more surprises
what with the spores, fungi and insects
I am hopeful that even the waxed page will become interesting
and I also placed my erosion bundle in the box on top of the waxed page
to see out the last few weeks of March
and two weeks later ... today is the official day for opening of the bundle
but I didn't get chance to open it as I've been out all day today
so I'm really looking forward to doing that tomorrow
but I did just take a peep ...
and I'm wondering about your bundles too!
please let me know if you are opening your bundles so that I can come and see!!

"Wreck this Journal" ... a project with Karen and Mo